Terms & Conditions

VISUAL CARBON produces and disseminates digital assets which are sold to our customers for their personal and commercial use in print and online projects primarily for digital marketing and social media. Visual Carbon is a Limited Liability Company based and operating out of New York, New York at 154 Grand Street New York, NY 10013. Our Terms & Conditions for digital assets sold are as follows:

Also referred to as 'Stock Content,' these digital files are sold online via our web store as downloadable transactions. After purchase, a link is emailed to the customer with a 24-hour time frame to download the purchased asset. After 24-hours, the link is invalid and assets need to be re-purchased in order to gain access. Once purchased, these assets are non-refundable and sold 'as is' - all specific dimensions and file sizes are indicated on the check out page for each digital asset + any desired edits or changes to these assets are not the responsibility of Visual Carbon.

Upon purchase, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, modify and reproduce (with exceptions prohibited below), in perpetuity, at the expressed permission by the applicable license limitations set forth. All Stock Content is sold with a Standard License. For projects that require additional rights, an Extended License can be purchased. To do so, please CONTACT US or continue reading below.

Our STANDARD LICENSE provides the rights to digital assets as follows:

  • Assets can be used as digital reproductions across multiple platforms including via online websites, in online advertisements such as on social media platforms or in mobile "APPS" or in mobile advertising, software, e-publications (such as e-books, e-magazines, e-cards, blogs etc), email marketing and in online media (including on video-sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo etc), subject to the budget limitations set at $10,000 (ten thousand U.S. dollars) which is described in more detail below.
  • Assets can be printed in physical form in projects such as labeling or printing on product packaging, used on business cards or letterhead etc, billboards and point of sale advertising, cover art on music albums or merchandise, in advertising of tangible media such as magazines, newspapers and books provided that the purchased asset is not used in a production that exceeds the budget of $10,000 (ten thousand U.S. dollars), or 500 (five hundred) units or in online campaigns that exceed 10,000 (ten thousand) impressions each month.
  • Individual assets and bundled assets are licensed to 1 (one) user who may download the asset on up to 2 (two) computers. Each user is considered unique and cannot share their asset with multiple users. If this user is part of a team or business, each unique user must purchase a license even if working on the same project.
  • The purchase of an individual asset or bundled asset is restricted to the use of 1 (one) Project. Think of a Project as an umbrella 'concept' which can lead to multiple end products. For example, if your company sells coffee mugs and purchases a stock asset to be used in the design of a mug, it can be used on the mug itself to sell up to 500 (five hundred) units, placed on your e-commerce website, used in social media posts and put in a promotional YouTube video that does not exceed 10,000 (ten thousand) monthly impressions or a $10,000 (ten thousand U.S. dollars) budget. Those are considered the end products of where your Project lead. In this example, you could not use the same purchased asset if you also owned a surf board rental company and wanted to add the image to business cards and posters related to that business - it would be considered a new Project. These restrictions are for commercial use and an Extended License can be purchased for further licensing. If using the purchased stock asset for personal use, these restrictions to not apply.
  • Purchased assets are being licensed and do not remise the ownership of the original author (Visual Carbon or affiliated authors). You are not purchasing the ownership of the files, rather a license to use them according to the terms within this License.

Our EXTENDED LICENSE provides the rights to digital assets as follows:

  • In modification to the rights granted above, assets purchased with our Extended License do not possess limitations on the number of impressions, sales or reproductions or budgets. Assets can be used in digital templates for sale or distribution on with no limitations to the number or sales or reproductions. All ownership rights remain to the original author (Visual Carbon or affiliated authors) - the Extended License purposefully extends to usage rights of purchased digital assets. 

Our CUSTOM DIGITAL ASSETS are created on a per-project or on a 'contract' basis and the scope of work is determined accordingly. Our Custom Digital Assets include still images and animated GIFs. Custom works are non-exchangeable or refundable. Payment for Custom Digital Assets is agreed upon in contracts set forth between the client and a Visual Carbon representative who both sign before production can commence. The timeline for delivery of assets are determined in the contract and will be distributed via an online platform to which the client can download assets online.