How it all started

Visual Carbon is a labor of a love created out of a passion for Photography and the connection that people make to imagery that excites, surprises and inspires.

There is such a pressure for brands to create massive amounts of digital content in today's business practice that, often, many struggle to keep up. From our perspective, this is a unique challenge that requires what we do best, creative thinking! Being creative with content doesn't necessarily mean large quantities and massive budgets, it means maintaining a thoughtfulness and an integrity that understands the story behind a brand and their goals. Sometimes the simplest design solution is the most effective and this is what we strive for - being effective.


Visual Carbon approaches content design with a thoughtfulness - one that understands the importance of a first impression and the vitality of a long-term legacy for our clients.

We investigate and understand the philosophy behind brands we work with. Social media and digital marketing content have a unique opportunity to impact audiences by telling a brand's story through thought-provoking imagery. Our company name is a conceptual symbolism of this impact - the chemical element, Carbon. Carbon is an abundant element found in our Earth's crust that can bond together to physically transform into alternate objects including diamonds and graphite, as well as forms of charcoal. For creatives, graphite and charcoal are commonly used materials in the creative process by nature of its own name (in Greek "γράφειν," which means "to write"), while diamonds have an allure and value across the world. Furthermore, Carbon can oxidize to become Carbon Dioxide, the element released into our atmosphere commonly know to impact Global Warming. With these unique attributes, Carbon creates the perfect symbol to represent what an impact social media and digital marketing can have on audiences around the globe. Picture your brand as the element of Carbon. When releasing new content to your 'atmosphere' (your target demographic), imagine the impact your brand can have and the legacy you're creating. This is your Visual Carbon.

Our Founder

Thomas Graff resides in Brooklyn, New York - a native from Illinois and the youngest of six children. Thomas grew up influenced by his entrepreneurial father (who founded Real Estate firm, Graff Realty) and mother (who spent years in the travel industry), both of whom encouraged The Arts in all of their children.

At a young age, Thomas' father passed down an old camera and photography equipment from a darkroom he built years past. This sparked an interest for Thomas that eventually lead to a college degree focused in Photography. In 2012, Thomas made his way to New York City after freelancing on a 2-year project in San Diego, California - his first book, Hillcrest/92013. After arriving in New York City, Thomas held positions at Milk Studios and Slate Studios along with working as lead photographer on projects with celebrities like Christie Brinkley and Kate Moodie, all the while blending the entrepreneurial spirit he inherited from his family and becoming the co-founder and Creative Director for the startup, JP Linguistics.  Five years after the launch of this successful language company, Thomas opened  Visual Carbon which brings together a harmony of his experiences in marketing, business, social media, photography, creative direction and, ultimately telling a brand's story.