Take Control of Your Energy Use

at visualcarbon.com

Making your carbon consumption more visible is a great way to appreciate how much energy you are using in the home or office.  You will then be taking your first steps towards taking control of your energy use.

So, how does this work for me?

In many Western countries, over 50% of the energy we use is in heating, lighting and ventilating buildings. If we make that use more visible in real time then we can take charge of what energy we want to use, for what purposes, and when.

Knowledge is strength

Once you have control of your energy use then you are on the way to assessing how you can improve your use of energy and in so doing, save money on your energy utility bills.

Make choices that are right for you

We will help you select and buy market leading products that will enable you to take control of your energy usage and start to invest in a lower energy consumption future.




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